2. Girls Who Don’t Pick Up The Phone

Dating flakes,

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Look out for a date that shows up — wait, s he showed up! Many men deal with flaking the wrong way.

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Interesting to hear that you've had some success with confronting some of them on their flakiness, though. I personally view this deluge of flakes as the single biggest threat to people taking this whole industry seriously — and while I write the following with a light heart and hopefully carefree tone — keep yourself in check next time you come across these monsters.

Dates with girls disturb my work flow and set me back as much as half a day.

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On the other hand, if women are not the most important thing in your life, you will get flaked on much less. A lot of dates never happen because of bad planning. If they cancel rather than postpone the difference being whether they suggest an alternate date to reschedule then I thank them for telling me.

And please, Flake 3 — just own it. Women are more influenced by their emotions.


You may have texted her too much to build rapport through text or called her one too many times. So, keep this in mind and start getting more dates going into the new year. That signal is perfectly interpreted by her, probably unconsciously, to determine whether or not she should proceed on a date with you. This is why I tell guys not to flip out on girls.

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You have to get creative with women to make them remember you. Maybe some guy she has a crush on finally came through. Let me know if you're free sometime. Then, as the years went on, I begun to assume the flake and have a backup plan ready to go.

1. Girls Going MIA Online

I sometimes may even trade community prayer dating daan with them. Then I go and do something else and forget about her.

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Women will flake on you when things are at a bad time. In fact, more than half the time I wish they would flake.

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Am I saying that girls can read your mind when it comes to how you value them? What odds would you peg at the flake? Here are a few rules for leading the conversation to a date after you get her number… 1.

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Some men may even begin chasing the woman by texting her repeatedly to reschedule. I meet a gorgeous girl who in my mind I refer to as dreamy.

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Sometimes the girls hurriedly apologized, promised it wouldn't happen again and planned another date immediately I actually got with some of my ex-GF's this way Sometimes it scares the girls away though. Originally Posted by U I've tried the confrontational method, with some success. You see, you can do everything right. Now you can text yourself out of a date.

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Call her the day of your date about 15 minutes before your date. You can grab the book on Amazon hereor by clicking the banner below: What's the best way to respond? For whatever reason this is the girl that flakes every time you manage to schedule a date.

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Women will flake on a date with a guy that requires too much effort from them. Let me give you the opposite example.

Try this text response and she'll never flake again

There was no pain within her core in canceling. You want to do all the talking in person. No matter what the excuse is. You make plans with a girl, get excited about the prospect of intimacy, and then she sends you a text message cancellation containing a lame excuse.

Dating flakes