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I was so surprised how different people could be and how various their needs are.

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You need to understand people, to know the right questions, to observe your clients. Once I was searching for a creative job that will include working with people and my knowledge of foreign languages.

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If you ask me how many couples we have created during the past years I will tell you the exact number. I worked with the big dating sites and also with small local companies. HE has warmed her heart with a bouquet of her favorite red roses and a box of white chocolate that I have helped him to choose before the date.

In spite of the long exhausting trip and sever Ukrainian winter the date was set on the evening of his arrival. There are many kinds of searches and their parameters can be remembered, so that you could quickly use your searches without inserting parameters again and again.

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We have started as a traditional dating agency in Ukraine at the beginning of th providing international dating service and collaborating with international dating service sites. At first she was skeptical about this idea because she thought the man looked stiff at his photos but I have assured her that in real life he looked decent and kind and he liked travelling and adored dogs.

At the cold Kiev airport we were waiting with a driver for a gentleman from USA who has spent the whole day in the air to meet the lady he has been corresponding with for a year. With time I could easily identify the author by the letter.

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He loved dogs but she was allergic. Years went by but I still receive Christmas postcards from them. Next day in the office I saw that nurse.

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Then HE has asked her if she wanted to have more children. I was translating letters of clients. They have ordered wine. Not every interpreter can become a good matchmaker, not every professional psychologist without the specific knowledge and experience can create couples. She was talking about the hospital and also complaining about her last date. Look at other members, find members you like.

Regalia Matchmakers alliance member The Matchmakers Alliance is a non-profit organization created by matchmakers as a platform where dating professionals can come together to collaborate and share ideas in order to best serve our clients.

SHE was a nurse and the rest of the evening SHE was telling him about her work at the hospital and about patients. I met couples and I was the third wheel at their dates.

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Several years after we have decided to separate our brand for ladies. Pinboard Publish your ad on the Pinboard and receive many replies today Advanced search Search is made for your comfort. Honest statistics - you can always be sure that we show the honest number of the members on the site, both men and women.

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HE was smiling politely. He has never dated an accountant and always thought that ladies who liked wearing high heels were not rational and too obsessed with the looks.

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They have spent the whole week together and when it was time to see him off SHE was crying in the airport watching him disappearing after the passport control. Thinking of my fist matchmaking experience I realize that only my intuition, observations and little hints have helped two singles finally find each other.

There was a long lonely week in Kiev ahead for him. A year later I was hired by a more tolerant international dating service agency and my next step was starting my own matchmaking agency that I successfully run since But they were not separated for too long.

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We are truly passionate about both our brands. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from their clients; they believe that their clients are naturally personable and resourceful. When I participate in international dating service conventions and professional conferences and talk to the CEOs and managers of the leading dating sites I realize that the main issues in the industry are still unsolved.

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Reluctantly they have left the cafe and agreed to meet the next day. Of course there were rumors about it at first among the clients and then among senior managers. Different lists like all the members who logged in, who registered within the last 24 hours allow you to check it.

Now I am extremely happy and proud to present Diolli. To my big surprise I promptly got a reply from that man and he has agreed to meet her. Finally SHE has arrived… She was beautiful just like he has described and really excited.

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They have sent me photos and post cards from their trips. But the date was set. To my big surprise almost nobody has such information because creating couples is not their final goal. Nobody guides them through the process of finding the perfect match and nobody teaches them how to avoid the biggest mistakes. I remember perfectly well how I have turned from the ordinary interpreter to the matchmaker.

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Matchmaking Institute The Matchmaking Institute has been around for 13 years and has gained a reputation of creating some of the most successful matchmakers in the world. In professional international dating service Paradisedate.

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