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The rear "battle sight" was ground off to make room to attach the No. In the s, a series of experiments resulting in design changes were carried out to help with these problems, reducing the number of complex parts and refining manufacturing processes. The Indian conversions were originally chambered for the. Other distinctive features include a nose cap screw was slotted for the width of a coin for easy removal, a safety lever on the left side of the receiver was slightly modified with a unique angular groove pattern, and the two-piece hand guard being extended from the nose cap to the receiver, omitting the barrel mounted leaf sight.

A plug was welded in place forward of the chamber, and a window was cut in the side of the barrel.

Smoothbored shotguns could be legally held with far less trouble. The stock and fore end was marked with broad white painted bands and the letters "DP" for easy identification.

When Japan entered the war inNew Zealand found itself lacking the light machine guns that would be required for local defence should Japan choose to invade, and so the New Zealand Government funded the development of self-loading conversions for the Lee—Enfield rifle.

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Work on a long-range replacement cartridge began in and resulted in the. I blade bayonet which had a large muzzle ring to fit over the flash hider.

I A a transitional modelMk. A transitional model the No. II in and finally the Mk. January Learn how and when to remove this template message The L59A1 was a conversion of the No4 Rifle all Marks to a Drill Purpose Rifle that was incapable of being restored to a firing configuration. This sight line like other aperture sight lines proved to be faster and more accurate than the typical mid-barrel rear sight elements sight lines offered by Mauser, previous Lee—Enfields or the Buffington battle sight of the Springfield.

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These were converted in late and into the later part of L59A1 Drill Rifles were rendered incapable of being fired, and of being restored to a fireable form, by extensive modifications that included the welding of the barrel to the receiver, modifications to the receiver that removed the supporting structures for the bolt's locking lugs and blocking the installation of an unaltered bolt, the removal of the striker's tip, the blocking of the striker's hole in the bolt head and the removal of most of the bolt body's locking lugs.

These conversions were prompted by firearms legislation that made possession of a rifle chambered in a military cartridge both difficult and expensive.

The Mk V did retain a magazine cut-off, but without a spotting hole, the piling swivel was kept attached to a forward barrel band, which was wrapped over and attached to the rear of the nose cap to reinforce the rifle for use with the standard Pattern bayonet. Roughly 1, of these were converted to No. Small numbers of Lee—Enfield rifles were built as, or converted to, experimental automatic loading systems, such as the British Howell and South African Rieder and the best-known of which was the Charlton Automatic Rifle, designed by a New Zealander, Philip Charlton in to act as a substitute for the Bren and Lewis gun light machine guns which were in chronically short supply at the time.

The floating barrel increased the accuracy of the rifle by allowing it to vibrate freely and consistently, whereas wooden forends in contact with barrels, if not properly fitted, affected the harmonic vibrations of the barrel.

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The resulting weapon, designed by W. It was unsuitable for general issue and production ceased indue to an "inherent fault in the design", often claimed to be a " wandering zero " and accuracy problems.

Previous conversions to Drill Purpose DP of otherwise serviceable rifles were not considered to be sufficiently incapable of restoration to fireable state and were a potential source of reconversion spares. These conversions were for issue to police and prison guards, to provide a firearm with a much-reduced power and range in comparison to the.

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Pattern Enfield Due to the poor performance of the. Initial production was 1, conversions of — troop trials No. None of these is known to have been successful, [64] though some owners have adapted 3-round magazines for Savage and Stevens shotguns to function in a converted SMLE shotgun, or even placing such a magazine inside a gutted SMLE magazine. I rifle as many collectors believe.

A further likely consideration was the difficulty of obtaining replacement ammunition in the event of the rifle's theft or the carrier's desertion. The primary distinguishing feature of the No. L42A1 sniper rifle chambered in 7. The charger bridge was no longer rounded for easier machining. An alternative developed during this period was to be used on the No.

These were similar to the No. An Australian experimental version of the No.

III, largely due to its heavier barrel. These are designated Mk IV Cond. Attempts were made to find a cooler-burning propellant, but further trials were halted in by the onset of World War I. The Commando units of the British military requested a suppressed rifle for killing sentries, guard dogs and other clandestine operational uses during the Second World War.

Ltd to meet military production demands, led to the development of the "peddled scheme", which contracted out the production of whole rifles and rifle components to several shell companies.

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A new rifle based on the Mauser design was created to fire the round, called the Pattern Enfield. Both were located at Long Branch, Ontario.

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The receiver-mounted rear sights and magazine cutoff were also present and 1, units were produced in the period. InEnfield produced complete.

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Howard Francis carbine[ edit ]. I T and No. A conversion specification of No.

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The new rifle also incorporated a charger loading system, [18] another innovation borrowed from the Mauser rifle' [19] and is notably different from the fixed "bridge" that later became the standard, being a charger clip stripper clip guide on the face of the bolt head. Pattern Enfield[ edit ] Main article: De Lisle Commando carbine[ edit ] Main article: