Rb-sr dating ppt,

The slope of the line dictates the age of the sample.

A Rb-Sr date which is at variance with other geochronometers may not be useless, it may be providing data on an event which is not representing the age of formation of the rock. Isotopes in the Earth Sciences. Similarly, Cunningham et al.

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About half the time this will produce a straight line with negative slope: In the reasoning that follows, the reader may recognize a sort of family resemblance to the reasoning behind step heating in the Ar-Ar methodalthough the two are not exactly alike. Now consider what will happen to this system over time, as the 87Rb decays to 87Sr.

Rantoul speed dating they are chemically indistinguishable, they will appear in the same ratio in every mineral at the time when it is formed: It is rb sr dating example as to when deep ground-water circulation began to cause oxidation and alteration of the primary uraninite ore at depth, but Airey et al.

However, this is worth it: The dates indicate the true age of the minerals only if the rocks have not been subsequently altered. This one additional piece of information about the initial state of the rock allows us to calculate its age.

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This, thus, allows a different rate of radiogenic Sr to evolve in the separate rocks and their component minerals as time progresses. You just clipped your first slide. Retrieved 10 November Now consider the distribution of the two strontium isotopes 87Sr and 86Sr.

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Walther, John Victor Instead, they contended that the scatter of points could be contained between two lines radiating from the diagram's origin, lines that essentially represented isochrons for uraninites and galenas from the Ranger and Nabarlek uranium deposits in the same geological region. The third isotope we need to consider is 86Sr, which is stable and is not radiogenicmeaning that in any closed system the quantity of 86Sr will remain the same.

This of course assumes that the Pb in the galenas was also derived predominantly from uranium decay. The resulting Rb-Sr ratios and Rb and Sr abundances of both the whole rocks and their component minerals will be markedly different.

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The isochron diagram changes over time. A small deviation from a straight line tells us that there is some uncertainty about the date, and this degree of uncertainty can be calculated; and if we get something which is nothing like a straight line, then the method simply doesn't supply us with a date.

The isochron diagram[ edit ] However, there is still a way to extract a date from the rock. Concurrently, the crust will become enriched in Rb relative to Sr.

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So we have every reason to think that rocks when they form free online dating sites china incorporate strontium, and 87Sr in particular. The quantity will be small because there is much more potassium than rubidium in the Universe.

Geochronology[ edit ] The Rb-Sr dating method has been used extensively in dating terrestrial and lunar rocks, and meteorites. The lower member is dominated by a thick basal dolomite and passes transitionally upwards into the psammitic upper member, which is largely feldspathic schist and quartzite.

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Rubidium substitutes for potassium within the lattice of minerals at a rate proportional to its concentration within the melt. Rb and Sr are relatively mobile alkaline elements and as such are relatively easily moved around by the hot, often carbonated hydrothermal fluids present during metamorphism or magmatism.

Although this is a potential source of error for terrestrial rocks, it is irrelevant for lunar rocks and meteorites, as there are no chemical weathering reactions in those environments.

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Zheng documented the copious reporting of rb sr dating example problem in the literature where various names had been given to these anomalous isochrons, such as apparent isochron, mantle isochron and pseudoisochron, secondary isochron, source isochron, erupted isochron, mixing line, and mixing isochron.

The application of Sr isotope stratigraphy is generally limited to carbonate samples for which the Sr seawater curve is well defined. Uraninite veins, even veins over 1cm wide, have been completely altered in situ.

Petrogenetic implications of Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd isotopic systems

If you have difficulty seeing this, try considering the extremal case of a mineral which contains no rubidium at all. Several preconditions must be satisfied before a Rb-Sr date can be considered as representing the time of emplacement or formation of a rock. Confounding factors[ edit ] As with the other methods we've discussed so far, the Rb-Sr method will only work if nothing but the passage of time has affected the distribution of the key isotopes within the rock.

If these form a straight line then the samples are consistent, and the age probably reliable.

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We can use this to tell us two important things 1. This means that the top of the weathered schist zone is regularly fluctuating between wet and dry conditions, so that any trace elements such as Pb leached from the weathered rb sr dating example and transported by ground water in the weathered schist zone would also be dispersed vertically up into the thin surficial sand cover on top of the weathered schist — the sandy soils that were sampled by Dickson et al.

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Calculating the age[ edit ] The age of a sample is determined by analysing several minerals within the sample. This is well known for the Cenozoic time-scale but, due to poorer preservation of carbonate sequences in the Mesozoic and earlier, it is not completely understood for older sequences.

A Ma period of weathering and erosion followed metamorphism. Perhaps this difference is a reflection of the extent of mixing in each type of sample at their respective levels in the weathering profile.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rb-Sr dating. So now we can find a date for the rock.

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Mixing[ edit ] There is, however, one potential source of error which will not show up on the isochron diagram, since it is expected to produce a straight line. We can expect these differences to be quite pronounced, because rubidium and strontium have different chemical affinities: By using this site, you agree to the and.

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The dates indicate the true age of the minerals only if the rocks have not been subsequently altered. The reasoning, then, goes like this.

Example[ edit ] For example, consider the case of an igneous rock such as a granite that contains several major Sr-bearing minerals including plagioclase feldsparK-feldsparhornblendebiotiteand muscovite.

In older sequences diagenetic alteration combined with greater uncertainties in estimating absolute ages due to lack of overlap between other geochronometers for example U—Th leads to greater uncertainties in the exact shape of the Sr isotope seawater curve.

We can also test for mixing using what is known as a mixing plot:

Rb-sr dating ppt